About Us

Mari Membaca is about bringing books to underprivileged children (B40) in kampung and low-cost housing areas, and to help them develop a love of reading. It is a community initiative that sprouted up in Kampung Dato Sulaiman Menteri (KDSM) playground, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where we established a library kiosk filled with books for kids to borrow and coupled with a weekly reading programme.

With the collaboration between the Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB), Rotary Club of Johor Bahru Sentral (RCJBS) and Happy-Riders Connect, a soft launch was initiated for a flagship library kiosk, Kios Bacaan Komuniti KDSM on 28 November 2020. We hope to have more library kiosks set up within B40 neighbourhoods in the coming future.

With communities working together, we hope to nurture a book-loving generation become members of a knowledgeable society continuing to inculcate the reading culture.


We help to promote the love of reading among the local community children (B40) by bringing the library to them at their playground and substantiate it with a fun reading programme.


We envision that the local community children (B40) embrace the reading habit to achieve better literacy and grasp brighter futures.


It first began as a SMART Rider Reading Programme by Happy-Riders Connect on 12 May 2018 for a group of children riders who have been attending the Safe Riding Programme at KDSM. These children riders were taught how to practice safe riding to and from school with small incentives towards achieving a 100% compliance. The next goal was to introduce reading as a healthy alternative to help pivot them from the dangerous activity of riding 'mosquito bikes' (modified bicycles without brakes) and on the road.


You can play a part in inspiring children to read. Your gift of time and participation can create a better pathway for children in their literacy development.

Donate a Book

You can play a part in bringing the joy of reading to the local community children (B40) who might otherwise have no access to books.


READING PROGRAMME: Second week of each month, 4:30pm - 6:30pm, at the playground of Kampung Dato Sulaiman Menteri.

(Temporarily closed due to COVID-19 pandemic)

What We Do

Library Kiosk

Bringing the books to the playground. Books can open doors to knowledge, creativity, imagination and success. This little library is filled with pre-loved books gifted from donors for the young readers to borrow and read to their hearts' content.

Reading Programme

Reading together with the kids is a great way to support and bond with them during their literacy journey. As we guide them in the way to read, they can improve in their reading abilities, and continue to read independently.

Fun Games

There's always room for fun and creativity. We believe in the beneficial balance of reading together and staying active with the children in keeping them motivated.

Be a volunteer!

Inspire a child to read and you can make a difference in a child's future opportunities.


Change starts from the local community. We can drive the change we wish to see through the simple initiative of raising the awareness and love of reading among kids. This initiative can help spark positive change in the children and their community's future.

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Baling Tin Game

Children Reading on Their Own

Giant Snake & Ladder Game


Reading with Volunteers

Brain Game

Storytelling with The Mascot Cat